About us

Congo Biotropical Institute is an environmental association fighting for the health of tropical ecosystems through the preservation of biodiversity. One of the important points, one of the particularities of this structure, is the involvement of local communities and/or indigenous peoples in the process of conservation of wild biodiversity (participatory/community management of natural resources).

Congo Biotropical Institute works to improve traditional practices and knowledge to enable indigenous peoples to benefit from natural forest resources-while also helping to protect biodiversity and combat global warming.

The objective is to contribute to the preservation of the biodiversity of tropical community forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in particular, but more generally in the countries of the Congo Basin. Congo Biotropical Institute works with local communities who, in most cases, are the traditional owners of these lands.

Our mission includes the safeguarding of all species, fauna and flora, including species not classified or protected by the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which, however, play an important role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems.

Our vision
Our vision is global. At Congo Biotropical Institute, we believe that the involvement of local communities in the process of preserving their ecosystems is paramount. This is why awareness, participation and mobilization of residents’ knowledge are so important to us. Through this, we hope to see a harmonious cohabitation between the different eco-systemic components, human and non-human, as well as the exploitation or sustainable use of natural forest resources.

The missions of Congo Biotropical Institute :

  • Create and propose participatory solutions adapted to the needs of local communities. All this while respecting the conservation process of the biological diversity of tropical forests, fighting against global warming and forest degradation, through community forestry and awareness of sustainable development. To this end, emphasis is placed on the training, education and awareness of young people; in order to prepare them to take over to ensure the future of ecosystems and the sustainability of planet Earth for present and future generations.

  • To conduct scientific research in order to make available and accessible information that can be used to improve knowledge and practices for the preservation of biodiversity.

  • Promote the rational use of natural forest resources, training and awareness.

  • To equip local community members, especially the youth, with the necessary skills to protect and conserve the biodiversity in their areas.

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