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The days pass, the years follow one another, and we age without realizing it. The time will come when we will be called “ancestors” for future generations, but it is up to each of us, according to our conscience, to decide what kind of ancestor we would like to become. It is clear that the catastrophic degradation of forests and the resulting global warming is a very serious threat to all of humanity; humanity whose survival depends directly on the actions we take today. « According to Dalley-Divin SAA-SITA»

By joining our actions, you contribute directly to the reconstruction of a better world, a livable planet for present and future generations. Together, let’s protect the tropical forests, lungs of the planet. Let’s promote alternatives to the exponential exploitation of forest resources and get involved in community development. Let’s show the way to the youth and prepare them to take over!

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in a good cause: saving the planet

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