Spotlight on Yvonne TOLLARI


Who is Yvonne TOLLARI ?

This Plangonophile (name given to doll collectors) regularly resells some of her dolls to support good causes.

For several years now, Yvonne has supported, financially and materially, the activities of the association Congo Biotropical Institute (CBI) (formerly called Paradis des Primates). This organization, based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is actively involved in the protection and conservation of the biological biodiversity of the tropical forest of Congo (Congo Basin). It emphasizes the involvement of local communities and/or indigenous peoples and the rational and sustainable use of natural forest resources. It practices youth awareness (environmental education) in order to create a new committed generation to take over.

In addition to funding reforestation, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, anti-poaching, environmental education, etc., financial support from Madame Tollari is also used for: the purchase of school kits, the payment of school fees for eleven of the orphaned students of theSchool Primary Musienene, in the territory of Beni. It is important to know that the parents of some of these orphans were killed with machetes in the massacres of civilians in Beni territory (DRC) by ADF-NALU rebels (an Islamist terrorist movement active in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo).

Furthermore, in view of the growing climate threat, Ms. Tollari’s next financial support will be invested in the fight against global warming by further supporting the activities of forestry instructors. Indeed, they are the ones who raise awareness and fight against the deforestation of the Congo rainforest, who promote the planting of forest trees in deforested areas. The next financial aid will also be invested in the support of students enrolled in the sections (departments) of agroforestry/forestry, environment/ecology. And in the orientation of the latter towards practical activities involving them in concrete actions during field visit CBI wanting to implement a student support option in forestry/ecology.

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