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You can support our activities in different ways.

  • Click here to make a financial donation to further our actions in the field, our forest monitoring activities, environmental awareness and education, promotion of alternatives to forest products, etc…

  • You can support our scholarship students by clicking here …, thus, you intervene directly in the process of setting up a new generation committed to the fight against global warming, the preservation of the biological diversity of tropical forests and community development. See the list of students here ….

  • You can help us with field equipment such as walkie-talkies, tents, boots, waterproof jackets, laptops, landline or cell phones, motorcycles, vehicles, a field etc. Contact us at ….. or fill in the form here

  • You can provide training in nature conservation, scientific research, wildlife management, agroforestry, ecology, biology, etc., or any other area that is expected to advance our work or knowledge in this area. On this point, contact us here

  • To provide humanitarian support to local community members and/or indigenous peoples – including pygmies – living in and around the Congo rainforest in our area of operation. It can be, but is not limited to, a modern sanitary system (community health center), a school dedicated to environmental education, food and basic necessities, clothing, etc…

  • You can also help by donating a television or radio station dedicated to raising awareness about tropical biodiversity, or a scientific research station. Thus, you are directly involved in the implementation of a mass education and awareness system, but also in the improvement of knowledge and the training of managers in the biological-ecological field in general.

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