Where do we work?

Congo Biotropical Institute works in and around community forests that are components of the Congo rainforest. We also work on small forests located near large cities and playing an important role in the regulation of the microclimate; to the benefit of the populations of the neighboring cities and villages.


  • Most of the DRC’s tropical forest is under the traditional management of local communities and/or its indigenous peoples who, in most cases, depend on the natural resources of these forests for their survival; this makes indigenous peoples a key element that must necessarily be taken into account for effective and sustainable protection of tropical ecosystems. This protection is for the benefit of the entire planet.

  • Deep poverty, which is partly (or largely) caused by armed conflicts and civil wars, leads to the exponential exploitation of natural resources (forests) by communities.

  • Tropical diseases that take a heavy toll on already poor communities. This is compounded by inappropriate and devastating agriculture involving repetitive and continuous deforestation, which constitutes a considerable threat to the wildlife of tropical ecosystems.

  • In order to address these multiple challenges, Congo Biotropical Institute establishes an approach that is adapted to the problems and needs of indigenous peoples – involving community participation in nature conservation actions and allowing these communities to make the most of natural resources without extensive deforestation or over-hunting: See the rational and sustainable use of forest resources as detailed in the section ” Our approach ».

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